35-3 Accessory Block

The Cinematography Electronics 35-3 ACCESSORY BLOCK is a unique product which allows the use of many accessories on the Arri 35-3 camera without the usual tangle of cables associated with standard junction boxes. Its stylish, low profile shape mounts to the right side contour of the camera and features seven connectors, a swing out tape hook, an Arri-style threaded rosette, a lens light socket, and a brightness control knob. Cinematography Electronics also offers a high intensity LENS LIGHT that plugs into a dedicated socket on the ACCESSORY BLOCK.

35-3 Accessory Block

35-3 Accessory Block

The 35-3 ACCESSORY BLOCK has a total of seven connectors. Three Fischer 11 pin connectors provide all the camera signals and are used for devices such as camera speed controls, laser pointers, lens controls, remote camera on /off switches, remote tachometer, and footage counters. Three Fischer 3 pin connectors and a Fischer 2 pin connector provide power for devices such as video taps, video monitors, and eyepiece heaters. These connectors may be configured for either 12 or 24 volts.* All connectors have self resetting circuit protection to guard against shorts or wiring errors.

The swing out tape hook pivots perpendicular to the camera and provides an attachment point for a tape measure on the film plane. The long tape hook helps the measuring tape clear large matte boxes and pivots inward for low profile storage.

Installation requires that a cable harness be wired into the camera and a small circuit board be attached to the interior of the camera side cover. This circuit board interfaces the ACCESSORY BLOCK to the camera electronics and improves reliability because the electrical connections bypass the camera power circuitry. Electrical connections between the camera and ACCESSORY BLOCK are made through a flush mounted rectangular connector. Once installation is completed, the ACCESSORY BLOCK is firmly attached with two screws, one into an existing camera cover hole and a second into the camera rosette. An additional rosette is positioned in-line with the camera rosette and can be used for a carrying handle or a handgrip.

All the required parts and full installation instructions are included with each unit. Installation is also available at Cinematography Electronics.

* 24 Volts is available with Crystal High Speed Control and 2 batteries connected

Lens Light

The optional Cinematography Electronics LENS LIGHT plugs into a dedicated 4 pin socket on the front edge of the 35-3 ACCESSORY BLOCK. A half turn of the lockdown lever secures the light assembly. Its flexible 20 inch gooseneck allows the bright Halogen lamp to be positioned above the work area. The light intensity is adjusted with the brightness control knob located on the top of the ACCESSORY BLOCK. The combination of our circuitry and a 12 volt lamp allows the light to operate efficiently on either 12 or 24 volt systems.



Size: 5.7 x 4.2 x 1.1   mm: 145 x 105 x 28
Weight: 11 oz (310 kg)
Construction: Machined Aluminum (Not Cast)
Finish: Black Anodize, Engraved
Tape Hook Extension From Camera: 3.3 inch (85 mm)
Standby Current Requirements: 35 mA
Brightness Adjustment: Red Edge Control Knob
Lens Light Attachment: Modified ‘T’ Slot
Circuit Protection: Auto Reset Fuses
Camera Signal Connectors: Fischer D104 11 Pin (3)
Power Connectors Fischer D102 2 Pin (1)
  Fischer D102 3 Pin (3)



Length: Inch: 20   mm: 51
Weight: 6 oz (175 Grams)
Finish: Machined Aluminum (Not Cast)
Attachment: Modified ‘T’ Slot
Lock: Lever Twist Lock
Light Bulb: 12 Volt 5 Watt Halogen
Lamp Intensity: 23 Foot Candles at 12 inches (300 mm)
Connector: Winchester 4 Pin