Compact Precision Speed Plus

The Cinematography Electronics COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS is both a versatile accessory interface unit and a true speed control for the Moviecam Compact camera. It puts extra features at your fingertips to make a great camera even better.

Cinematography Electronics also offers a high intensity LENS LIGHT that plugs into a dedicated socket on the COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS.

Compact Precision Speed Plus

Compact Precision Speed Plus

The COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS upgrades the Moviecam Compact camera by adding accessory compatibility, a precision speed control with an expanded speed range, and smart displays. This new innovation expands the Compact's world of compatibility to include many industry standard synchronizers, speed controls, and other accessories. The COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS features three Fischer 11-pin Arri standard connectors and three Fischer 3-pin Arri standard connectors that provide the proper interface for 12 volt accessories and 24 volt accessories respectively. All of the connectors are fully wired and have self resetting circuit protection. The COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS provides complete compatibility with popular devices such as the Cinematography Electronics Film Video Synchronizing Control, Intervalometer, Precision Speed Control 2 and Syncromark Laser System while maintaining compatibility to Moviecam controls like the Moviespeed or Syncobox. Bulky controls are no longer the only option for controlling the Moviecam Compact camera.

A precision speed control with an expanded speed range of 2 through 50.999 frames per second (fps) is built into the COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS. Speeds are easily selectable in 0.001 fps increments with the push button digit switches. All of the nearly 50,000 different crystal speeds are available in both forward or reverse. The phase shift button slightly increases the camera's filming speed, and is active at all speed settings while the camera is running. In addition to the expanded speed range, a single frame feature is included. The single frame exposure time is a usable 1/4 of a second.

We have included an out of sync beeper with adjustable volume that is audible when the camera is not running at the selected speed. The volume level of the beeper is adjusted with two push buttons and is automatically saved.

Incorporated into the COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS are two intelligent alphanumeric readouts that display camera speed, camera status conditions and film count. The tachometer displays the precise camera speed while the camera is running. This display also provides simple readable information or a graphical depiction instead of obscure codes to indicate the status of the camera. The footage/meter counter calculates and displays the amount of film used, along with an "F" or "M" for feet or meters. The reset push button clears both the feet/meter count and the camera's removable digital readout.

The stylish, low profile shape of the COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS attaches to the right side contour of the camera in place of the camera switch/display panel and adds less than 3/4 of an inch to the width of the camera. It does not interfere with existing video taps, handles or magazines and is electrically compatible with both the original analog and the newer digital camera circuit boards. We have also relocated the camera power connector to make low point of view tilt-up shots possible. All required parts and full installation instructions are included with each unit. Installation is also available at Cinematography Electronics.

Lens Light

The optional Cinematography Electronics Lens Light provides the precise amount of illumination where you need it. The Lens Light consists of a long flexible gooseneck, a twist lock lever, and a bright Halogen bulb. The intensity of the lens light is adjusted with the brightness control knob on the COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS. When attached to the dedicated connector, the flexible gooseneck permits the light to be positioned above the camera movement, the lens marking scale, or other working areas. With its impressive list of features and its classic shape, the COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS is designed to simplify your daily filming requirements. Now, this fine camera can flex its muscles.



Size: Inch: 5.0 x 5.2 x 1.6   mm: 127 x 132 x 42
Weight: Net: 12 oz (340 Grams)
Construction: Machined Aluminum (Not Cast)
Finish: Black Anodize, Engraved
Crystal Speed Range: 2.000 to 50.999 fps
Crystal Speed Select Switches: 5 Digit Push Button
Crystal Accuracy: 0.002%
Reverse Running: All Speeds
Forward/Reverse Running: Slide, Recessed
Out of Sync Beeper: All Speeds
Beeper Volume Adjustment Switches: Push Button, Momentary (2)
Camera Run Switch: Push Button, Momentary
Phase Switch: Push Button, Momentary
Phase Adjustment: +0.12 fps
Digital Tachometer: Bright Red Alphanumeric LED
Digital Footage/Meter Counter: Bright Red Alphanumeric LED
Footage/Meter Select Switch: Slide (Internal)
Counter Reset Switch: Push Button, Momentary
Lens Light Attachment: Modified 'T' Slot
Brightness Adjustment: Red Edge Control Knob
Battery Connector: Switchcraft D4M 4 Pin or Fischer D105 2 Pin
Speed Acceleration Ramp: Automatic
Single Frame Exposure Time: 1/4 Second
DC Power Requirements: 24 Volt
Circuit Protection: Auto Reset Fuses
Accessory Connectors: Fischer D104 11 Pin (3) / Fischer D102 3 Pin (3)



Length: Inch: 20   mm: 51
Weight: 6 oz.(175 Grams)
Finish: Black Anodize and Paint
Attachment: Modified 'T' Slot
Lock: Lever Twist Lock
Light Bulb: 12 Volt, 5 Watt Halogen
Lamp Intensity: 25 Foot Candles at 12 inches (300mm)
Connector: Winchester 4 Pin

Camera Compatibility 

Moviecam Compact Analog
Moviecam Compact Digital

Filming Speeds 

Selectable, 60 HZ HMI Flickerfree Filming Speeds: 40, 30, 24, 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3 & 2 fps
Selectable, 50 HZ HMI Flickerfree Filming Speeds: 50, 33.333, 25, 20, 16.666, 12.5, 10, 5, 4 & 2 fps