Film/Video Synchronizing Control

Monitors or projected images pose special filming problems for today’s cameramen. The Cinematography Electronics FILM/VIDEO SYNCHRONIZING CONTROL and SIGNAL PICK-UP automatically synchronizes the camera to the scanning rate of a computer or video monitor to remove the roll bar. In addition, this control automatically synchronizes the camera to a projector to eliminate the rhythmic "breathing" of the filmed image. For multiple camera shots, the FILM/VIDEO SYNCHRONIZING SYSTEM perfectly matches the camera’s shutter speed and phasing to a second camera.

The FILM/VIDEO SYNCHRONIZING CONTROL and SIGNAL PICK-UP are compatible with Moviecam, Arriflex, Panavision, Aaton, and more.

Film/Video Synchronizing Control

Film/Video Synchronizing Control

The Cinematography Electronics FILM/VIDEO SYNCHRONIZING CONTROL and SIGNAL PICK-UP automatically synchronizes a camera to a source signal such as a computer/video monitor, projector, or another camera. A one-time phase adjustment programs the relationship of the camera shutter to the source signal. After this initial phasing, the phase relationship remains identical every time the camera is turned on. The result is a monitor with the roll bar adjusted just off the screen, a projected image with uniform light density, or a second camera shutter perfectly synchronized for that special 3D or multiple camera shot.

A source signal is introduced through either the accessory connector or the video connector. The accessory connector input accepts cables from numerous sources including the SIGNAL PICK-UP, a projector, or a master camera. The video connector input accepts a video composite, sine wave, or square wave signal. All electrical connections to the camera are made through the camera connector. A full range of camera-specific cables are available from Cinematography Electronics.

The stylish FILM/VIDEO SYNCHRONIZING CONTROL features automatic camera identification, automatic phasing, and automatic speed recognition with a new expanded range of locking speeds from 15 fps to 120 fps. Additional features include a protected thumbwheel phase knob, a bright red LED fps tachometer, a three position source divider knob, and LED indicators for sync, search and camera type identification.

For creative sound shots, the control has a selectable 24/60 Hz or 25/50 Hz audio pilot-tone output. Cinematography Electronics offers numerous unique brackets for attaching the FILM/VIDEO SYNCHRONIZING CONTROL to a camera. See our Cinematography Electronics Mounting Brackets literature for complete details.

The FILM/VIDEO SYNCHRONIZING CONTROL is the first choice of cinematographers and rental companies worldwide for its unsurpassed camera compatibility, ease of operation, efficiency, and reliability.

Signal Pick-Up

The innovative Cinematography Electronics SIGNAL PICK-UP eliminates the need for any physical connection to a computer or video monitor. The SIGNAL PICK-UP is a small rugged sensor with a signal sensitivity switch, a sense indicator, and an accessory connector. When placed near the back of a monitor, the SIGNAL PICK-UP converts the magnetic field of the monitor into a usable source signal. This source signal from the SIGNAL PICK-UP is all that is needed for locking the camera to the monitor. The SIGNAL PICK-UP interfaces to the control via an accessory cable. Accessory cables are available in various lengths and can be linked for extra-long distances.

The FILM/VIDEO SYNCHRONIZING CONTROL and SIGNAL PICK-UP are compatible with Moviecam, Arriflex, Panavision, Aaton, and more.

Signal Pick-Up



Size: Inch: 5.9 x 4.4 x 1.5   mm: 150 x 112 x 38
Weight: 22 oz. (625 Grams)
Construction: Machined Aluminum (Not Cast)
Finish: Black Anodize, Engraved
Camera Identification: Automatic
Synchronization Time: Approximately 3 Seconds
Source Divider Knob: Rotary, 3 Position
Speed Range: 15 to 60 fps
  60 to 120 fps
Speed Range Switch: Slide
60-120 fps Indicator: Bright Yellow LED
Phase Thumbwheel Knob: 350˚ Rotation
Phase Knob Protection: Sliding Door
Digital Tachometer: Bright Red LED
Digital Tachometer Accuracy: 0.001 fps
Camera Connector: Lemo 12 Pin
Accessory Connector: Lemo 6 Pin
Video Connector: BNC Jack
Video Input Max: 15 Volts Peak to Peak
Video Termination Switch: Slide
Video Termination Impedance: 75 Ohm
Audio Connector: Lemo 3 Pin
Audio Pilot-tone Output: 1 Vpp, Proportional
Audio 24/60-25/50 Switch: Toggle
Shutter 144˚ -180˚ Switch: Toggle
Sync Indicator: Bright Green LED
Search Indicator: Bright Red LED
Power Indicator: Bright Yellow LED
DC Power Requirements: 7 to 35 Volts
Current Consumption: 280 mA
Mounting: 0.11 Dia Hole (2)



Size: Inch: 2.2 x .2.2 x 2.4   mm: 55 x 55 x 60
Weight: 8 oz. (230 Grams)
Accessory Connector: Lemo 6 Pin
Sensitivity HI/LO Switch: Slide
Sense Indicator: Bright Green LED

Camera Compatibility 

Aaton 7 LTR, 54 LTR, LTR-X, XC, XTR, XTR+, XTR, Prod, XO+, X Prod, 35 mm Type (1, 2, 3)
Arriflex 16SR (1,2,3), 16 SRHS (1, 2, 3), 35-3, 35-2A*, 35-2B*, 35-2C*, 35-3C*, 435, 535, 535B, 35 BL (1,2,3,4,4S)
Panavision 16MM, Gold (1,2), Millennium, Panaflex, Panaflex X, Platinum, Panastar (1,2), PSR
Moviecam Compact***
Mitchell Fries**
Showscan Showscan
ILM Vistaflex
MSM Vistavision
Wilcam Vistavision
  * With Cinematography Electronics 2C CRYSTAL MOTOR BASE
  ** With Cinematography Electronics FRIES/ARRI MODIFICATION
  *** With Cinematography Electronics COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS

System Components

Mounting Brackets

  • Adapter Bracket, 3/8-16 to 5/8
  • Dogbone Bracket
  • Square Hole Bracket, Arri 35-3, 35BL
  • Support Bracket for Arri/Pana Rods


Camera Cables

  • Aaton, Amphenol 9
  • Aaton, Lemo 8
  • Arriflex, Fischer 9
  • Arriflex, Fischer 11
  • Panavision, Lemo 10

Accessory Cables

  • 25 ft. (7.5 Meters)
  • 50ft. (15 Meters)

Misc. Cables

  • Audio
  • DC Power
  • Master-Arri, Pana, Aaton
  • Phase Shifter
  • Projector, 50ft. (15 Meters)