Add another dimension of creativity to your photography with the Cinematography Electronics INTERVALOMETER. It makes time-lapse photography simple. With this INTERVALOMETER, a relatively slow changing event can be recorded on film and then projected over a few seconds or minutes. For example: photograph a sunrise, sunset, a flower slowly opening, building construction, traffic flow, or weather patterns and compress the actual time to suit your needs.



The Cinematography Electronics INTERVALOMETER is compatible with many 16mm and 35mm cine and still cameras including Arriflex, Mitchell, Nikon, and Canon.

Choose from 300 highly accurate crystal interval settings from 1 second to 100 hours. Actual exposure time will be determined by the camera used. The INTERVALOMETER has an LED digital counter with reset that displays the number of film frames that have been exposed. It also has a manual trigger button for special intervals or testing.

In most cases, a single cable connects the INTERVALOMETER and the camera. Battery power and camera trigger connections are made through this cable For cameras that cannot furnish the proper voltage (12-40 V), an additional auxiliary battery cable is available. This INTERVALOMETER will trigger the camera with either a shorting contact or a positive trigger pulse and is not polarity sensitive. To interface with the Cinematography Electronics INTERVALOMETER, cine cameras must have single frame capability and still cameras must be equipped with a motorized winder and external trigger connector.



Size: Inch: 2.4 x 4.4 x 1.2   mm: 60 x 110 x 32
Weight: 7 oz. (195 Grams)
Construction: Rugged Die Cast Aluminum
Finish: Satin Black Paint over Black Anodize
Crystal Interval Range: 1-100 Units
Crystal Interval Switches: 2 Digit Push Button Module
Crystal Accuracy: 0.002%
Second, Minute, Hour, Switch: Toggle, 3 Position
Automatic Manual Switch: Toggle
Manual Trigger Switch: Push Button, Momentary
Digital Frame Counter: Bright RED LED
Counter Reset Switch: Push Button, Momentary
Electrical Connector: Lemo 4 Pin
DC Power Requirements: 9 to 32 Volts
Current Requirements: 120 mA

Camera Compatibility 

Aaton 7 LTR, 54 LTR, LTR-X, XC, XTR, XTR+, XTR Prod, XO+, X Prod, 35MM (Type 1, 2, 3)
Arriflex 16SR (1, 2, 3)**, 16SRHS (1, 2, 3)**, 35-3**, 35-2A*, 35-2B*, 35-2C*, 35-3C*
  * With Cinematography Electronics 2C Crystal Motor Base
  ** Requires Single Frame Kit

System Components


  • Intervalometer Cable
  • Single Frame Push Button Cable


  • Single Frame Kit