Mounting Brackets

The following is a list of the Mounting Brackets that we make.

Mounting Brackets

Dogbone Bracket

The DOGBONE BRACKET is used to fasten a speed control or accessory to the 3/8-16 threaded hole located on many cameras. The DOGBONE has two captive 3/8-16 screws with Delrin locking knobs. The screws are located on the ends of the bracket, 41/2 inches apart and 180 degrees opposed from each other. This design allows the speed control or accessory to be rotated to many positions for comfortable viewing. The bracket also has five 3/8-16 threaded holes along its length for attaching other accessories. This durable bracket has a black anodized finish and stainless hardware. The DOGBONE BRACKET is included as standard equipment with the Cinematography Electronics Precision Speed Control 2 and Syncromark Laser Control.

The Dogbone Bracket attaches to:

Arriflex 16SR 1,2,3; 16SRHS 1,2,3; 535B; Aaton 16mm, 35mm

Square Hole Bracket

The SQUARE HOLE BRACKET is used for mounting a speed control or accessory, which utilizes a 3/8-16 threaded hole, to a camera that has a 14mm square mounting hole. The SQUARE HOLE BRACKET has a square rod, a square mounting hole, a Delrin locking knob, and three 3/8-16 threaded holes. When mounted, this bracket provides a square hole in line with the existing square mounting hole on the camera. This allows a place to attach follow focus hardware. The 3/8-16 threaded holes located around the perimeter of the bracket can be used to attach speed controls or accessories that employ a Dogbone Bracket. The SQUARE HOLE BRACKET has a black anodized finish.

The Square Hole Bracket attaches to:

Arriflex 35BL 1,2,3,4,4s; 35-3

Adapter Bracket

The ADAPTER BRACKET is used for attaching a speed control or accessory to the end of a mounting rod. The ADAPTER BRACKET slides over the end of a rod and is clamped into place with its Delrin locking knob. Any 5/8 inch 15mm diameter rod is compatible, such as the those used with the Support Bracket, Arriflex and Panavision lenses or mafer clamps. Four 3/8-16 threaded holes allow the attachment of speed controls or accessories that utilize a Dogbone Bracket. Two 4-40 threaded holes are provided on the angled surface of the bracket and can be used to mount the Cinematography Electronics Film/Video Synchronizing Control.

Note: This bracket is included with the Support Bracket (described below).

Support Bracket for Arriflex / Panavision Rods

The SUPPORT BRACKET clamps to either Arriflex or Panavision support rods and provides a place to attach various speed controls or accessories. This unique design bridges across the support rods for stability and will fit rod diameter of 15mm, 19mm or 5/8 inch. No disassembly of other lens support elements is required to fasten the SUPPORT BRACKET. This bracket straddles the rods from above or below and clamps into place with its Delrin locking knob. It can be secured horizontally to rods that are below the lens or vertically to rods besides the lens. This bracket has three holes for the attachment of accessory mounting rods. Mounting rods are provided in 3 inch and 11 inch lengths. An Adapter Bracket (described above) is also included with the Support Bracket. This combination of mounting rods and brackets offers many mounting configurations for speed controls or accessories.

The Support Bracket for Arriflex/Panavision Rods attaches to:

All cameras that have Arriflex or Panavision style support rods.