Precision Strobe Light

The Cinematography Electronics PRECISION STROBE LIGHT is a lightweight and versatile hand held stroboscope. Its flashes of light optically stop the operating motion of an object, making it appear stationary. This provides a quick and simple method for verifying the speed of any reciprocating, repetitive, or rotating mechanism such as motion picture cameras or industrial machinery.

Precision Strobe Light

Precision Strobe Light

The PRECISION STROBE LIGHT has over 100,000 different crystal flash rates that are selected with five thumbwheel digit switches. The flash rate range is continuous from 60 through 7200 flashes per minute (fpm) in 0.1 increments, or 1 through 100 flashes per second (fps) in 0.001 increments. The timing period is easily changed to minutes or seconds with the MIN/SEC slide switch. One of the two yellow decimal points located between the thumbwheel digit switches will light, depending on the position of the MIN/SEC slide switch.

When it is necessary to view an optically stationary mechanism at a certain position for diagnostic purposes, the PHASE switch is pressed. While the PHASE switch is depressed, the flash rate increases approximately 20 fpm (or 0.4 fps) which moves the stationary image to the desired viewing position. The PHASE switch is functional at all flash rate settings.

The PRECISION STROBE LIGHT also functions as a reliable tachometer. To measure the speed of a moving mechanism, the flash rate is adjusted with the thumbwheel digit switches until the motion of the mechanism is optically stationary. The flash rate indicated on the thumbwheel digit switches will then be the speed of the moving mechanism. The PRECISION STROBE LIGHT can be synchronized to an external signal through its convenient SYNC jack. This is the most practical method of evaluating a mechanism that moves at irregular speeds. The external signal will override the thumbwheel digit switch settings and PHASE switch.

The tubular shape of the PRECISION STROBE LIGHT allows it to be hand held like a flashlight. Accessory options include a lightweight Pistol Grip Handle with a built-in PHASE trigger that provides a comfortable means of phasing. This handle attaches with a captive 10-32 screw and knob. For hands free operation, a Vacuum Base with Mounting Post is available. The base attaches to any smooth surface to allow easy positioning of the strobe with or without the Pistol Grip Handle. The PRECISION STROBE LIGHT is powered by any 12-24 Volt DC battery, or one of the optional Wall Plug-In Converters. The converters are available in either 120 Vac - 12 Vdc (60 Hz) or 220 Vac - 12 Vdc (50 Hz).

The PRECISION STROBE LIGHT is the perfect tool for verifying the proper operation or detecting irregularities of moving mechanisms. Originally designed as a diagnostic tool for the motion picture industry, a wide range of industries will benefit from its use. Quality control technicians in many fields (automated, chemical, medical, computer, or machine oriented industries, to name a few) will find this an invaluable tool for inspection, diagnostics, and motion analysis.



Size: Inch: 2.6 Dia. x 10   mm: 66 Dia. x 254
Weight: 16 oz (453 Grams)
Construction: Machined Aluminum and Delrin
Finish: Black Anodize, Engraved
Flash Rate Range: 1 to 100.000 fps
  60 to 7200.0 fpm
Crystal Accuracy: 0.002%
Resolution: 0.001 fps
  0.1 fpm
Flash Rate Switches: 5 Digit Push Button
Min/Sec Switch: Slide
On/Off Switch: Slide
Phase Switch: Push Button, Momentary
DC Power: 12 - 24 Volts
DC Current: 1.3 Amps
Circuit Protection: Auto Reset Fuse
DC Power Connectors: Switchcraft D4M 4 Pin
  5.5 x 2.1 mm Jack
Ext Sync Trigger Connector: 3.5 mm Jack
Ext Sync Trigger Input: TTL Compatible
Trigger to Flash Delay: 7 microseconds
Lens: Fresnel, Plastic



Size: Inch: 3.7 x 2.7   mm: 94 x 70
Weight: 4 oz (113 Grams)
Construction: Machined Black Delrin
Attachment: Captive 10-32 Screw and Knob
Phase Trigger: Mechanical Pivot

System Components

Precision Strobe Light

Pistol Grip Handle

Vacuum Base With Mounting Post

Wall Plug-in Converter 120 Vac 60hz

Wall Plug-in Converter 220 Vac 50hz