Syncromark Laser System

The Cinematography Electronics Syncromark Laser System produces a visible laser spot which is synchronized to the shutter of a motion picture camera. The bright laser spot will not appear on film, but can be seen by the entire crew and in the camera eyepiece while the camera is running. This makes it the ideal tool for marking an actor’s position, a focus point, or a reference point for camera position, without the visual restrictions of grip tape. Two or more Syncromark Laser beams can be crossed to mark the position of a hand-held object.

The Syncromark Laser System is the perfect solution when focus is critical and depth of field is minimal. Other applications are limited only by the cinematographer’s imagination. The Syncromark Laser system is compatible with all major motion picture cameras including Panavision, Arriflex, Moviecam and Aaton.

Syncromark Laser System

Syncromark Laser System

The Cinematography Electronics SYNCROMARK LASER SYSTEM helps get your shot quickly and accurately while saving time and lowering production costs. The Syncromark Laser produces a bright red reference point on any surface or in three-dimensional (3D) space. This red laser dot is visible at all times to the actors and crew but does not appear on film as it is synchronized to the camera shutter. This feature is unique to our laser system. For specific situations, pushing the phase switch will shift the laser dot onto the film for marking special frames.

The SYNCROMARK LASER SYSTEM marks the spot perfectly for computer-generated images that will be added in postproduction. The Syncromark Laser simplifies filming by providing a red dot for the actor to watch or follow as it moves. Following this visual reference point positions the actor’s face and body correctly for the computer-generated image that will be added in postproduction. If the actor must reach for or touch an object that will be added, the bright red laser dot marks the spot accurately. In 3D space, a pair of lasers is used to mark the spot.

The Syncromark Laser’s bright red dot enables an actor or animal to easily and accurately hit their mark, and enables the director to compose the scene. When filming with blue screens, the Syncromark Laser provides a useful visual reference point for actors or product placement. This bright red reference point is especially beneficial with young children or animals as they have a reference point to visualize during filming. The laser dot can be stationary or moved across a surface, forming a path for children, animals or actors to follow. Our red laser dot eliminates the restrictions of old-fashioned grip tape when marking an actor’s position. It is clearly visible and easy to locate, making it safer and easier for the actors to hit their mark. This system is easy to work with and changes difficult shots into "snap-shots."

The Syncromark Laser is the perfect tool to mark a reference point for actors, easy to use with young children or animals, and versatile enough for indoor, outdoor, blue screen and computer generated images. The SYNCROMARK LASER SYSTEM is compatible with all major motion picture cameras including: Panavision, Arriflex, Moviecam, Aaton and more. The SYNCROMARK LASER SYSTEM is available as a rental or purchase.

The Syncromark Laser System was used in filming the Columbia Pictures feature "Stuart Little"

Syncromark Laser Control

The Syncromark Laser Control provides the necessary interface to synchronize up to three laser pointers with a camera. The lasers will be on and properly synchronized while the camera is running. The lasers can also be turned on during set-up, adjustment, or rehearsal by pushing the preview on/off button. Other control features include: camera select, a rotary switch for choosing one of seven preset camera types or a customer programmable position. The 180˚ phase shift switch is a momentary push button which can be used to verify laser synchronization with the camera. (A sliding door protects this switch.) The camera fwd-rev switch, allows the laser to function when the camera is running in reverse. Electrical connections between the control, camera and lasers are made through Lemo connectors and detachable cables. Several mounting brackets are available for attachment to cameras or lens support rods.

Syncromark Laser Pointer

The Syncromark Laser Pointer is a small versatile laser module which emits a bright red laser spot. A pointer can be attached directly to the laser control or remotely located and connected with an accessory cable. Cables are available in various lengths and can be linked for extra long distances. An integrated clamp on the laser pointer allows attachment to any 5/8 pin or c-stand. Once the pointer is mounted, the laser spot is then easily positioned with the 180˚ pivoting elbow. The laser can be momentarily activated by pushing the preview on/off button.

Syncromark Laser Pointer



Size: Inch: 5.0 x 3.5 x 1.4   mm: 127 x 89 x 36
Weight: 15 oz (430 Grams)
Construction: Machined Aluminum (not cast)
Finish: Black Anodize, Engraved
Camera Speed Range: 1 - 500 fps
Camera Select Switch: Rotary, 8 Position
Preview On/Off Switch: Push Button, Latching
180˚ Phase Shift Switch: Push Button, Momentary
Forward - Reverse Switch: Slide, Recessed
Laser On LED: Bright Green
Power On LED: Bright Yellow
Check Setup LED: Bright Red, Flashing
Reverse LED: Bright Red, Flashing
Camera Connector: Lemo 12 Pin
Laser Connectors: Lemo 6 Pin (3)
Mounting: 3/8-16 Threaded Hole



Size: Inch: 5.3 x 1.6 x 1.0   mm: 134 x 40 x 25
Weight: 4 oz (113 Grams)
Construction: Machined Aluminum (not cast)
Finish: Black Anodize, Engraved
Preview On/Off Switch: Push Button, Momentary
Laser On LED: Bright Green
Pivot Elbow Angle: ± 90 Degrees
Connector: Lemo 6 Pin
Mounting: 3/8-16 Threaded Hole (2)
  Receptacle and clamp for 5/8 inch pin

Camera Compatibility 

Aaton XTR Prod, X Prod, 35MM (Type 1, 2, 3)
Arriflex 16SR (1, 2, 3), 16SRHS (1, 2, 3), 35BL (1, 2, 3, 4, 4S), 35-3, 35-2A*, 35-2B*, 35-2C*, 35-3C*, 435, 535, 535B
Moviecam Compact, Super, Super America
Panavision 16MM, Gold 1,2, Millennium, Panaflex, X, Platinum, Panastar 1,2, PSR
Mitchell Fries**
  * With Cinematography Electronics 2C CRYSTAL MOTOR BASE
  ** With Cinematography Electronics FRIES/ARRI MODIFICATION
  *** With Cinematography Electronics COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS

System Components


  • Square Hole Bracket, Arri 35-3, 35 BL
  • Dogbone Bracket
  • Support Bracket for Arri/Pana Rods
  • Adapter Bracket, 3/8-16 to 5/8


Camera Cables

  • Aaton, Amphenol - 9
  • Aaton, Lemo - 8
  • Arriflex, Fischer -11
  • Arriflex, Fischer - 9
  • Moviecam, Moviecam - 64
  • Panavision, Lemo - 10

Accessory Cables

  • 25 ft. (7.5 Meters)
  • 50ft. (15 Meters)