Remote Controller

The Cinematography Electronics REMOTE CONTROLLER, used in conjunction with a CINETAPE MEASURE, provides a second distance display and two adjustable near-far distance limits, with displays. The REMOTE CONTROLLER’S stylish enclosure also duplicates all the control functions of the CINETAPE making it simple to make adjustments from either unit. It also adds a SYNC function for use when two CINETAPES are on the set.

The REMOTE CONTROLLER’S large red LED distance display is the same size as the CINE TAPE’S readout. Its brightness level can be set to automatic or adjusted independently. This extra distance display is useful when a hand-held reference is necessary, or when a second distance display is needed on the camera.

CineTape Measure Remote Controller

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The REMOTE CONTROLLER has two additional yellow LED displays, a NEAR distance limit and a FAR distance limit, each with an on/off switch. Both of these distance limits are variable over the complete measurement range. With both turned on, the measurement area is narrowed to between these set distance limits. Either of the limits can be easily turned on or off depending on the particular shot.

For example, with a REMOTE CONTROLLER and an over-the-shoulder shot, it’s easy to ignore the shoulder by adjusting the NEAR distance limit to just beyond the foreground shoulder. This eliminates the shoulder reading and only displays the accurate distance to the subject. Likewise, if the shot has a large surface behind the subject such as a wall, adjusting the FAR distance limit, on the REMOTE CONTROLLER, to just in front of the wall, eliminates the confusing readings of the wall.

When two CINETAPES are working on the same shot, the signal of one unit may interfere with the second. The REMOTE CONTROLLER resolves this by providing a SYNC pushbutton which when pressed allows one CINETAPE to listen for the second and adjust itself so that the two signals don’t interfere.

Once you’ve used the REMOTE CONTROLLER, you will not shoot without one.



Size: Inch: 2.4 x 4.4 x 1.0   mm: 62 x 112 x 25
Weight: 6.5 oz (185 Grams)
Construction: Machined Aluminum (Not Cast)
Finish: Black Anodize, Engraved
Measurement Units: Feet & Inches or Meters & Centimeters
Measurement Resolution: 1 inch; 1 cm
Film Plane Offset Range: -9 to 99 Feet; -3 to 30 Meters
Sensitivity Range: 0 to 99%
Sensitivity Adjustment: 5% Increments
Select / Adjust Switch: Red Knob
Near Limit On/Off Switch: Toggle
Far Limit On/Off Switch: Toggle
Sync Switch: Pushbutton
Remote Connector: Lemo 6 Pin
Numeric Distance Display: Bright Red LED (4 Digit)
Near Limit Display: Bright Yellow LED (4 Digit)
Far Limit Display: Bright Yellow LED (4 Digit)
Sense Indicator: Bright Green LED
Film-Plane Adjust Indicator: Bright Yellow LED
Sensitivity Adjust Indicator: Bright Yellow LED
Near Limit Adjust Indicator: Bright Blue LED
Far Limit Adjust Indicator: Bright Blue LED
Circuit Protection: Auto Reset Fuse
DC Power Requirements: 9 to 32 Volts
Current Consumption: 50 to 300mA (Average)
Mounting: Velcro

Additional System Components






CineArm Articulating Support (3/8-16 to 1/4-20)

Pelican Carrying Case


Available Cables

Power Cables

Sensor Fischer 5 Cables (Right Angle or Straight)

Accessory Lemo 6 Cable