Extension Tubes

For situations where a tighter measuring area is desired, Cinematography Electronics offers the CineTape EXTENSION TUBES. Attaching these tubes to the Sensor Horns will reduce the diameter of the signal pattern approximately twenty percent (20%). This is important for situations where a tighter smaller measuring diameter is desired.

Our EXTENSION TUBES are machined to an ultra-precise smooth shape and finish which is essential for accurately directing the ultrasonic signals towards the sensors. Attach the binocular shaped EXTENSION TUBES to the Sensor Horns by simply pushing them over the horn’s O-rings. The interior contour shape of our EXTENSION TUBES perfectly matches the contour of our Sensor Horns. This uninterrupted internal profile directs the ultrasonic waves in a precise manner towards the sensor, which results in a narrower measurement field without losing any of the distance range.

Extension Tubes

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Attach the EXTENSION TUBES by sliding the tubes onto the sensor horns. The O-rings, on the Sensor Horns, hold the EXTENSION TUBES in place which allows easy attachment and removal without tools. No need for two sets of horns, just slip the lightweight EXTENSION TUBES on for a narrow measurement pattern, or pull them off for a wider pattern. When attached, they add about one inch to the length of the horns.

This is a great accessory for every focus pullers kit.

CineTape Measure with Extension Tubes

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Size: Inch: 3.0 x 1.6 x 1.6   mm: 76 x 41 x 41
Weight: 1.2 oz (34 Grams)
Construction: Machined Black Delrin

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